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Welcome to Stoke Fire Doors:

Welcome to Stoke Fire Doors. We are a Staffordshire based company offering complete fire doors services. We provide the manufacturing, supply and fitting of BM TRADA accredited internal fire doors, fire exit doors, fire rated doors, timber fire doorsets and glazed fire doors. Our in-house production line allows us to supply all of our fire rated doors to a consistent and superior level of quality. Our doors can be crafted in any size and finish to suit your specific requirements. Our fire doors and frames can be manufactured in between one to two weeks – contact us today and secure yourself as soon as possible.

Internal Fire Doors

We provide a range of internal fire doors to offer extra protection in the case of a fire. Our internal fire doors are design to provide up to two extra hours of fire-resistance over conventional doors. We offer our internal fire doors in a whole host of style and material, colours and finishes, all of which can be produced on a bespoke basis. Read more about our internal fire doors…

Timber Fire Doorsets

We have an equally vast selection of timber fire doorsets here at Stoke Fire Doors. We provide timber fire doorsets all across Staffordshire and the Midlands. Our timber fire doorsets can be crafted in a variety of finishes and can include fire-stopping and acoustic features for the benefit of extra security. All of our timber fire doorsets can be crafted on a bespoke basis to your precise needs and measurements. Read more about our internal fire doors…

Glazed Fire Doors

Our glazed fire doors are an excellent choice for providing extra protection for building owners and occupants. A glazed fire door can be highly effective in allowing people to see through the door, letting them view upcoming hazards (as well as smoke and fire). Like our other products, we can provide our glazed fire doors to Staffordshire, the Midlands and the surrounding areas. Read more about our glazed fire doors…

Fire Exit Doors

Here at Stoke Fire Doors we also produce and supply a range of fire exit doors. In the past we have provided fire exit doors for commercial, agricultural and industrial premises and buildings. Fire exit doors are an exceptional addition to any building, enhancing both security and safety. We have a world’s worth of experience in producing fire exit doors for Staffordshire and the Midlands. Read more about our fire exit doors…

Fire Rated Doors

Equipping yourself with one of our fire rated doors is an ideal choice to provide extra protection. Our fire rated doors can withstand the effects of fire for significantly longer than a regular door, giving your people and your premises the extra time needed to get to safety. Read more about our fire rated doors…

Standard Doorsets

We have a wide selection of off the shelf standard doorsets. These are available in a number of designs and finishes, and can be easily matched to any of our fire door range.

Bespoke Doorsets

SFD are certificated for the production and supply of FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 fire doors. Each door manufactured and finished to your exact requirements.

Acoustic Doorsets

High quality acoustic doorsets manufactured and supplied to suit your needs. Available up to 42dB (non-fire) sound reduction and up to a maximum of 40dB for fire rated.

Secure Line Doorsets

Our full range of secure line doorsets start from G2 to solid core, anti-bandit doors. All fitted with heavy duty security locks to your exact specification.

Screen & Frames

SFD offer a wide range of standard design screens or bespoke to your requirements. Frame options include one piece, with adjustable, MDF, foiled wrapped MDF, veneered wrapped MDF or solid timber.

Fitting Service

Avoid the risk of common fire door failures by using our fully guaranteed fitting service. Our efficient and highly skilled team are fully experienced in the installation of doorsets within the construction industry.


We can supply all necessary ironmongery for your project. Using our CNC capabilities we can recess all doors for hardware items, providing a high quality, professionally finished product.


We have a wide range of information available to download. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of our services.