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Internal Fire Doors Save Lives:

How long would it take you to get out of the building you’re in and make it to safety? If a fire was alerted right now, what route would you take? How would you react if you found your route blocked by the fire itself? This is never a pleasant situation to imagine, but it can be life-saving when accounted for. Decisions like these have to be made a snap, but you can give yourself more time by equipping your building with proper internal fire doors. The extra time you’ll buy by using internal fire doors at key areas of a building can be the difference between life and death.

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Fire Doors and Fire Safety:

At Stoke Fire Doors we always want to make sure that your safety comes first, regardless of the area. Throughout all of Staffordshire we have provided complete fire door solutions to businesses and home owners. We would be pleased to do the same for you. All of our doors are manufactured in one-to-two weeks, in any size, with any finish, to suit specific requirements. While we’re always confident in the effectiveness of our fire doors, we of course don’t want to encourage fire in the first place. To this end, we’ve aggregated this list both to help you minimise the risk of their ever being a fire, but to also let you know what to do in the unlikely event that a fire does occur.

Fire Alarms Guidelines:

Stoke Fire Doors

  • Make sure you have a fire alarm on every level of your home/business.
  • Avoiding smoking in bed, or whilst sitting anywhere you are likely to fall asleep. Use deep ashtrays to contain ash. Don’t throw hot ash into the bin.
  • Keep matches, lighters, and other inflammable objects away from children.
  • Sit at least three feet away from heater and keep them away from clothes and furniture.
  • Carefully manage your electrical sockets. Don’t overloaded them with too many devices.
  • Keep communal areas clear. Errant items can block escape routes and create extra risk.

These are just a few tips to keep you safe. For more fire safety tips, contact your local fire department. For the last in our fire doors and other fire safety solutions, visit our website.

If you have any queries, leave us a comment below. Otherwise,  you can always feel free to contact us at our website!

Welcome to the world of fire doors!

We’ve finally had the chance to put fingers-to-keyboard and come up with our very own blog all about Fire Doors.  So (ahem) drum-roll please… Welcome to Stoke Fire Doors’ blog!!

Of course our blog will be focusing on fire doors but we’d like to blog about everything and anything to do with doors.  We want this to be a very informal blog that will keep our customers up to date with all our latest news, and any current events in the world of fire doorsthat we’d basically like to have a chat about.

This blog should also be a great opportunity for us to post photos and information about any events.

We are looking forward to hearing from all construction enthusiasts, and interacting with any other door bloggers out there.  If there’s anything that you’d like to hear more about, feel free to leave a comment.