Internal Fire Doors Save Lives:

How long would it take you to get out of the building you’re in and make it to safety? If a fire was alerted right now, what route would you take? How would you react if you found your route blocked by the fire itself? This is never a pleasant situation to imagine, but it can be life-saving when accounted for. Decisions like these have to be made a snap, but you can give yourself more time by equipping your building with proper internal fire doors. The extra time you’ll buy by using internal fire doors at key areas of a building can be the difference between life and death.

Internal Fire Doors | Internal Fire Doors in the Midlands from Stoke Fire Doors

Buying Internal Fire Doors and Buying Time:

Our internal fire doors come in a range of ratings that can add between one to two hours of protection to a doorway, depending on its potential hazard level. You can target areas of your building that house potentially flammable electronics or machinery to give you much more time to escape the building before the fire ever spreads beyond its origin point. No matter what type of structure you’re looking to secure, we’re here to help. We can provide you with the advice and planning to make sure you walk away with a fitting fire protection plan.

Here at Stoke Fire Doors, we have over a decade of industry experience in equipping our customers with quality internal fire doors. You can read more about our internal fire doors, or discover our full range in detail by viewing the rest of our website. Our dedicated team of staff are always happy to help. For any questions, queries, or for a personalised quote – get in touch!

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